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You have my Permission

You have my Permission

While growing up, I remember distinctly seeking permission for things that I wanted to do and were not part of routine. At home, at school, no matter where I went, as a child I was expected to ask for permission. Isn’t this the story with most of us or all of us?

As we grow, we continue living most moments based on our learnings from the childhood as if on an autopilot.  We then judge ourselves or feel guilt and shame when we don’t comply. Instead of seeking permission from others, we resort to seeking our own permission and approval too as an adult? The answer is NO most always.

The first time I read about the concept of a Permission Slip on Brene Brown’s website. I was enthralled. As I reflected, I felt so connected with what I read and so liberated at the same time.

How often we restrain ourselves from doing what we want to do because….

  1. What will people say?
  2. How will I come across in the eyes of others?
  3. Will I sound foolish, stupid?
  4. Will I receive the approval?

Other times we do what we don’t wish to because….multiple reasons!!!

“Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to be our brave authentic selves – to be brave and afraid at the same time; permission slips are a way to state our intention for how we want to behave.” — Brené Brown

So today, I give myself the permission to take out time for myself, Today I give myself the permission to say that I am nervous, today I give myself the permission to be unaware of some world happening, today I give myself the permission to not be responsible for anyone else’s feelings, today I give myself the permission to consciously indulge in Netflix without any guilt…

An important point to note here is that we can do this simple exercise provided we are aware of what it is that we need to allow ourselves to do. This awareness does require some level of introspection at times. So, give yourselves the permission to sit with your own thoughts and dive with

Today I give myself the permission to accept myself for who I am!!!!!