Synergy with Iram


It all began here

Being a free-spirited mind since young, I started my career as a homeopath.

It was here I realized the connection between tangible and intangible energy.  It has been a journey that changed me. It was a journey I would like to share with you.

Hi… my name is Dr. Iram Ahmedi and I am a mental health professional with over two and half decades of experience in counseling, training, healing and teaching various healing modalities.
I have had the distinct pleasure of working with a diverse range of population, from multi-cultural and socio-economic backgrounds in an out-patient, in-patient, community and educational settings. During my career, as a health professional, I have acquired several certifications and a myriad of experience in helping patients, physically and mentally. I offer my expertise and experience in guiding and motivating you and your loved ones to lead a healthy and balanced life by setting realistic and attainable goals.

I was diagnosed

Not long after the start of my career, I was accidently diagnosed with Thyroid cancer while going through a routine physical checkup.

The realization

Fast-forward many tests of strength and belief, to post my surgery, I came across a book detailing the emotions attached to each body part. Something that made me grasp the core of why and how sickness stems from our mental turmoil and pressures. This was my “A-Ha” moment. Now began my journey of exploration and learning. I treaded into the world of holistic wellness, a world of mystery I wanted to discover and share with the world.

Experienced pain from a mother’s eyes

A decade later, I saw the trauma my son was facing being tested and hospitalized on repeat but with no accurate diagnosis, until one finally did. All because the physicians failed to see the self as a whole.

It is since then my mission to serve the body-mind-spirit connection. Due to which I decided to further my competence in the field of complementary therapy. It was that day and today, I am proud I haven’t stopped since.

Journey with iram

My Vision
To empower the client to be able to tap into the restorative and regenerative healing power of the body through customized wellness plans and sessions using various healing modalities.
My Mission
To create awareness on the synergy among the mind, body and spirit using an integrative approach to enhance the experience of life.

Journey with iram

My Vision

My vision is to assist others in achieving true well-being through mindfulness practices to harness the innate potential of the body to heal and return to its natural state of homeostasis

My Mission

My mission is to bring awareness and educate others about the synergy between the body, mind, and spirit through integrative practices designed to enhance the experience of life.

My Approach

I partner with individuals living with chronic illnesses. I collaborate with diverse populations from multi-cultural & socio-economic backgrounds and provide services throughout in and outpatient community & educational settings. Working together, we set and achieve realistic & attainable goals that leads to a balanced life.

My Philosophy

I believe in the power of positivity & self-compassion. Self-limiting belief patterns interrupt our ability to tune into ourselves. When these distractions are removed, the perception of well-being & our ability to recover is clear. Then our body can effectively utilize the natural healing process.

A New Beginning…

I started my career as a certified homeopath and from the onset of my career I realized the significance of understanding my patient’s mental health and wellbeing. This conscious realization led me to pursue graduate studies in psychological counselling.
I believe, that in life, there are no accidents but only incidences that come to teach us a lesson. So, during a routine physical examination for employment at a psychiatric facility, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. This was devastating and extremely upsetting news, both for me and my family. I experienced fear and helplessness as I looked at my one-year-old in front of me.
I took it in my stride, and told myself, that the only option I had was to set myself on the road to recovery. With a positive attitude and a will to live a healthy life, I cut no corners and kept pushing my limits.
It is said “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”… I came across a book that spoke about the impact of emotions on various parts of the body. How our emotions are attached to each body part and the impact it has. I realized that the thyroid cancer signified resentment of my inability to express myself… and VOILA!!!
The “A-Ha” Moment!!!
From that moment on I began my journey of exploration and learning. I read, in depth, about how the state of “dis-ease” is created, while continuing to provide counselling to individuals with mental health issues.
During this journey of exploration, I treaded into the world of holistic wellness, oblivious of its potential. A decade later, my son went through multiple hospitalizations, and we kept hopping from one doctor to another, to diagnose my son’s illness… but in vain.
I had moved on from the stage of unconscious incompetence to conscious competence
This sheer helplessness made me realize the trauma which the patients and their families undergo when physicians do not consider and treat the body as one.
Desperate and out of options, we finally flew across borders and consulted a physician, who practiced holistic medicine and my son bounced back. This was again an “A-Ha” moment which strengthened my belief in the nexus of Body Mind Spirit. So, I decided to further my competence in the field of complementary therapy and… I haven’t stopped since.

Dr. Iram Ahmedi

Homoeopath, Psychological Counselor and a Life Coach, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist, Senior Theta Healing® Instructor and Practitioner, Reiki Master and Master Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach, truly believes in the innate potential of every human to self-actualize .



Functional Nutrition, Yoga Asana, Coaching & Breathwork


Integrative Holistic Health, Coaching, Theta Healing & Spiritual Hypnotherapy


Meditation, Hypnosis, Reiki & Chakra healing,
Synergy with Iram aims to provide individualized service to every patient and the treatment is tailored to the particular needs of every individual while ensuring that the patient receives ample time.
Professionalism, dedication and care are at the core of Synergy with Iram and a personalized service from me is the full holistic experience which my patients expect and deserve. Our treatment plan are tailored to be thorough and of an extremely high standard, in calming and relaxing environment.
Holistic comes from the word holism, which is the theory that parts of a whole are in intimate interconnection, such that they cannot exist independently of the whole; Holistic therapy is a form of healing that endorses holism. It regards the Body Mind & Spirit as greater than the sum of its parts and that these are connected.
Healing is not defining a condition, rather it is the belief that health can be achieved by strengthening one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness… as a whole. To heal one is to heal them all
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Iram is one of the people who single handedly changed the course of my life. I’d just got married this December and He’s awesome. I also managed to get another MA in a field I was passionate about. Those are merely manifestations of the learnings from my journey with Iram. The biggest miracle is finding courage and a space for facing my issues with my family with lot more forgiveness (at times super challenging). She has been the catalyst of change. I know that I did the work, but having a great mentor makes a world of difference.

Mona K.

The workshop with Iram was almost magical and very real simultaneously. Learnt the amazing power of thoughts and emotions! The most interesting parts were all the real-life examples that Iram gave us from the vast experience she has and variety of clients she has handled! I realized the possibilities that lie out there but more importantly what lies within me

Hamad Mac.

The sudden death of my spouse left me lost in deep grief. I was however lucky to speak to Iram who gently and skillfully took me through my painful journey to complete healing. She showed me a mirror to myself and I actually not only healed from grief, I found a new, confident 'me'.

Bharthi G.

My life was running in circles with the same patterns manifesting in different ways. I was of course unaware that subconscious childhood conditioning can be the root cause. Iram literally peeled layer after layer through hypnotherapy, coaching and a lot of patience. She has been the most compassionate, calming force in my life. Our sessions set the foundation that helped me then and even does now! She gave me tools and a template that I go back to often.

Kruti S.

Iram as an instructor was everything that one could wish for in a Guru. She was warm, encouraging, empathetic at the same time inituitve. Many times she would explain the very thing that would be running through your mind in the simplest of terms. The great positive vibe that persisted throughout the three days was a refreshing experience.

Pravada N.

Iram, I am very thankful to have met you, you helped me a lot and brought a lot of clarity into my life! I can say that there was a transformation in the way I see things and how I feel about them, and I'll carry this experience with me forever now.

Laura S.